[PythonCE] Last Build of the quarter

Pritchard Musonda stiqs at rapidnet.com
Fri Dec 12 10:50:18 EST 2003

Interpreter fails on my ppc2002, says its not a valid ppc app.


On Thursday 11 December 2003 14:49, Jeffrey Nix wrote:
> I sent Guido my latest and greatest build (hopefully there will be more)
> and it now features _winreg builtin to the interpreter. It also comes with
> the threadframe extension, zlib, bz2, and of course the the standard win32*
> extensions. Also I sent him my builds for PyXML and PyCrypto, in
> Plug'n'Play format :-). There are three files PythonCE.zip, PyCrypto.zip,
> and PyXML.zip.
> PythonCE.zip contatains the interpreter and the vast majority of the
> standard library (I got rid of anything that couldn't be used out of the
> box).
> PyCrypto.zip contains PyCrypto, just unzip it and throw the resulting
> folder in the site folder of Python's lib folder
> PyXML.zip contains PyXML, just unzip it and throw the resulting folder in
> the site folder of Python's lib folder
> Also the PythonCE.zip file contains _tkinter but you'll need to find a
> TclTk port to Windows CE on your own and you'll need to pull the lib-tk
> folder out of the desktop version of Python and put it in your lib folder
> on your PocketPC.
> As for where you can get these don't ask me, bother Guido he's the one that
> offered free web hosting to anyone who wanted to share files and he's the
> one I sent these files to.
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