[PythonCE] Installing Python on WinCE

Olsen, Peter C, SOLGV pcolsen@att.com
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:43:40 -0500

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Would someone please help me install Python on my Jornada 560?

I know something about Python but almost nothing about WinCE.  I've
unzipped PPCPythonR2.zip and installed the resulting Python folder in
the MyDevice folder on my Jornada 560, but I can't find any link to (or
evidence of) an executable.  Clicking on any of the .py/.pyc/.pyd files
results in an error box telling me that there is no application
associated with these types of files.  (I've tried installing the Python
folder under the ProgramFiles folder as well, also without success.)

I'll appreciate any help.  Please feel free to tell me RTFM, but then
also please tell me where in the FM to R.



P.S.  If you respond, please send a copy to "pcolsen@att.com".

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