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Brad Clements wrote:<br>
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  <pre wrap="">On 11 Jul 2003 at 21:23, Michael Foord wrote:

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    <pre wrap="">Is this list distinct from the Python for PocketPC project ?
If not - is that project still alive ?
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Same list, same project still alive.

I'm redoing the port right now with Python 2.3 I don't have a specific timetable, but 
chipping away at it.

Everything compiles, but it doesn't link. Just grunge work to get it going :-(

Great............ is it going to be an ARM only port or will you do versions
for the older processors ?<br>
All new PDAs have ARM I guess.... but then the majority are still older processors..........
the Jornada 520 series was very popular :-)<br>
Thanks for the reply<br>
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