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Michael Foord Michael.Foord@tbsmerchants.co.uk
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 09:38:04 +0100

Is this the *best* forum for discussion relating specifically to the 
PocketPC distribution of Python ?

I assume it is as the page at Mukworks that I downloaded the 
distribution from points to here ! I'm just surprised its quiet :-)

Anyway - a big thanks to Brad and any other develoeprs of Python for the 
PocketPC. I installed it yesterday and my text parsing scripts worked 
*without modification* cool. Now I've got my head around file paths I'm 
flying. Ok, so I'm a newbie and my scripts are hardly a rigorous test - 
but even so its great to be able to test and develop the same scripts on 
both platforms (desktop windows and pocketPC). A big thank you.

First a question (ok so I could just *try it* :-).
Will it work with the 'program files' on the storage card ? That would 
save me 8meg of onboard memory.

And a couple of critiscms - not about the implementation of the language 
itself - but more about the way python.exe handles things I guess :

Critiscms of Python

It doesn't escapethe spaces in  filenames it is passed.
So associating .py with it and then double clicking on e.g. test.py in 
"My Documents\" fails with the error can't find 'My '.

If it is running in memory doubleclicking an associated file *ignores* 
the filename (along with any commandline parameters you've just 
typed)..... So if you edit the script and then rerun it - you just bring 
up the old window (with the old error msg. :-). This effectively means 
you can only run a script if you *first* make sure python is not already 

In idle (opr whatever its called !) - long lines (error mesgs etc) 
aren't displayed properly. You can cut and paste them ok to bring up the 
horizontal slider bar... but when its first printed there's no slider 
bar to read them.

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