[PythonCE] Using Tkinter

Guido Wesdorp mailings at johnnydebris.net
Tue Nov 4 08:31:39 EST 2003

Voidspace wrote:

> Frustrating.
> What device are you using pythonce on ?

An HP iPaq h1915 (cheap model, works pretty okay though ;), StrongARM 
200MHz CPU, with PocketPC 2002 installed.

> How did you install the packages ? I deleted my existing copy of 
> python, unzipped the single distribution package you posted and copied 
> the contents into my root directory......................

Well I have done about the same. Actually I copied the zip of the 
'stripped down' distribution David Kashtan posted a couple of weeks ago, 
added a load of sources, compiled all those sources and added the 
registry keys for starting Python scripts with the Python interpreter, 
but I don't think leaving out any of the things I did will cause your 
scripts not to run.
A question: is there anything specific you do to run a script? How do 
you start it up (since you don't seem to have the .py extension 
registered), do you enter the path to the interpreter and the one to the 
script in the explorer or so? Can you tell me exactly what you did and 
how you did it? Perhaps the difference in the way you start your scripts 
is what causes your problems?



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