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Guido Wesdorp mailings at johnnydebris.net
Thu Nov 13 06:43:24 EST 2003

goodey27 at juno.com wrote:

> mailings at johnnydebris.net <mailto:mailings at johnnydebris.net>   wrote:
> > This is probably because the os module in the CE dist is created
> > especially for CE and those docstrings are just not added.
> I took the actual os.py from the desktop installation and put it in my 
> python directory. Still I get only the small version.

There are several issues you need to consider: first if there's a .pyc 
file it will use that in favor of a .py file (actually it will look for 
the last update date, so it might use your os.py after all, it rather 
depends), second the os.py file includes a C module that contains the 
actual code, it is merely a wrapper for that C module. Third I think you 
had problems with os.path, which is in yet another module I assume. And 
perhaps there are more issues which slip my mind right now ;)

> > I think  there
> > are more improvements that can be made there (it would for instance
> > be
> > nice to have at least something for os.getcwd and os.chdir),
> These things were added by Telion. Attached find his updated os.py 
> file and his osce.py file (This file he added himself).

Cool, I'll check it out!

> > I'll take a
> > look as soon as I got some time. I'm not sure whether there's much I
> > can
> > do because I don't know how much can be fixed from Python (os is a C
> >
> > module and I don't write C, nor do I have the ability to compile,
> > perhaps I should install NT at home somewhere), but I'll give it a
> > go.
> os is not in C it is found in the regular installation.

I may be very wrong here, but as far as I know the os.py(c) module in 
the installation is a wrapper for some PythonCE specific C module, there 
*is* an os.py, but all the functionality is in the C file.



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