[PythonCE] Working with Files

goodey27 at juno.com goodey27 at juno.com
Wed Nov 19 19:38:46 EST 2003

mailings at johnnydebris.net wrote:

> If you check the errno module (which 
> contains 
> a mapping from errorcode to some more or less readable error name) 
> you'll find that error 0 isn't available, 

The reason is becuse Error 0 returns "No Error when I run os.strerror(0)
on the desktop.

Another thing that seems wiered to me is that on the desktop if I try to
open a file that isn't there, I get 
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '\\text.txt'
While on the CE I get 
Invalid mode: r

In version 2.2 I used to get the same Error like on the desktop.

Therfore it seems that something changed in ver. 2.3


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