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bryan at flyingiranch.com bryan at flyingiranch.com
Tue Nov 25 11:41:30 EST 2003

a) I would definitely like a copy of this;
b) I could host a distribution for download if needed / desired


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> Hello!
> I have been looking at this list for the past couple of 
> months and now I'm finally contributing. Anyway I have hacked 
> pcceshell and made multiple improvements. A quick rundown of 
> some of my improvements..
> 1) modified the threading implementation to use threading 
> instead of thread
> 2) RunCode is now a Thread class
> 3) I made it into a package for easier (in my opinion at 
> least) browsing and editing
> 4) support for a Python startup script (it loads the file 
> PYTHONSTARTUP.py if it is on the path)
> 5) I changed it so that instead of everything being written 
> into the __builtin__ module it now correctly writes it into __main__
> 6) internal compiler now supports __future__ statements
> 7) any others I added before I started documenting my changes...
> Some interesting properties of my modified pcceshell...
> 1) It is possible to have multiple copies of the interpreter 
> running and from analysis of __main__ and shell variables I 
> have good reason to believe that they truly are seperate 
> instances (just like opening two terminals/consoles and 
> running python in both of them)
> 2) scripts passed as "command line" arguments on startup now 
> recognize themselves as __main__ (I forget if this was an 
> intensional fix on my part or a consequence of makeing the 
> shell use __main__ instead of __builtin__)
> If you're interested e-mail me and I'll send you a copy 
> (sorry it's the only distribution method I have).
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