[PythonCE] Python CE: a stable version.

Stefano DOLCI s.dolci at drr.cnr.it
Tue Sep 9 11:10:56 EDT 2003

Rome, 9 september 2003

First of all, let me express my congratulations for all people who spends 
time and energies developing a stable version of Python on Pocket PC 
platform: thanks guys!

I have tested the last version on my Dell Axim X5: as a newbie (that's what 
I am) I had some difficulties in gathering all patches that version needs 
and, after doing that, I still found out that module POPLIB doesn't work 
properly on Pocket PC platform.

Am I right, or being a "newbie" made me loose some crucial aspect of 
installation and configuration?
(If I am right) Do the new version correct this problem?


Stefano DOLCI

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