[PythonCE] Re: Using the PPC / Networking in PythonCE?

pcolsen at comcast.net pcolsen at comcast.net
Tue Sep 30 23:22:58 EDT 2003



My problem seems to be that I can't get the socket module to run.  I keep
getting error reports that Python can't find the _socket module.  

I just downloaded and reinstalled the latest version, but the error remains.

I've thought of switching to Jython, but it's reported to be very slow.

Any suggestions?

> At the 7th International Python Conference in 1998
> (has it been that long ago?) I demonstrated a Python
> web server running on a Sharp Mobilon HC-4600.
> At the time, I had also hacked the interpreter
> command line to run be interactively from a PC
> console session. 
> Additionally in the past, I've used socket datagrams
> to communicate debugging information from Python
> running on a CE device to another networked computer.
> http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Cookbook/Python/Recipe/52218
> Jeff Bauer
> Rubicon, Inc.
> Peter Olsen wrote:
> > I'm _much_ more interested in TCP/IP than in Windows Networking.

> > For example, I'd like to install a Python POP server and an SMTP
> > server on my Jornada so I could avoid some of the control Pocket
> > Outlook seeks to gain over my mail.

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