[PythonCE] PPCPythonR2 and Smartphone2002

stuffduff stuffduff at cox.net
Wed Apr 28 18:22:45 EDT 2004


I'd like to know if there is an easy way to change the paths for PPCPythonR2
so that I can run it on my Smartphone2002 phone.

The documentation references a folder named "My Pocket PC."  What I have is
a directory "IPSM" which contains a Windows and a Program Files directory,
however there is not enough memory to install both folders in that
directory.  My solution would involve changing the path to locate the
Windows folder files to '/IPSM/Windows' and the /IPSM/Program Files/Python
folder to '/Storage Card/Program Files/Python'.

Is there any way to make these path adjustments short of getting a specially
compiled set of exe and dll files?



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