[PythonCE] execfile&input in pythonce2.3.4

Voidspace mike at pcblokes.com
Mon Aug 16 08:51:10 CEST 2004

Unfortunately in the current builds of python for PocketPC input and
raw_input don't work.
This is because the PocketPC console doesn't support them. Their was a
hack in previous builds (by Telion) - but it relied on C code that got
lost in the mists of time.

David Kashtan would *like* to be able to add support for it back in -
but doesn't want to have to rewrite the C.

It *should* be possible to fake it using Tkinter dialogs - but I've
never actually tried it.

I find it surprising that it's not possible - as python running in
'interactive interpreter' mode receives user input from a window. But I
know that in programming things are not always straightforward.



ºÎ ·½ wrote:

> My last message about "execfile&input in pythonce2.3.4" is not
> acurate.I am sorry for that.
> After more tests i worked it out .In pythonce221, you can write
> execfile('/folder/file') or execfile('\folder\file') in a py file to
> call another py file,but in python234, I have to write
> execfile('\\folder\\file') .That's ok, then.
> As to input and raw_input in py file, they raised errors. Is it
> intended for that? Is it possible to get a prompt for user input?
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