AW: [PythonCE] python 2.3.4 hpc 2000

Anne Wangnick anne.wangnick at
Tue Aug 17 18:05:16 CEST 2004

Hello Daniel,

I'm very interested. I've got such a device, and would love to run some
Python/Tkinter applications of mine. I recently tried the port myself, but
didn't manage ...


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I have managed to get python 2.3.4 build for HPC 2000.

I have used the sources provided by David Kashtan
( and tweaked them a bit to builld on HPC
2000. I have removed some GUI elements (menu bar, input method awareness) of
the pcceshell, as they used API not present in HPC 2000.
Tkinter is working.

Unfortunately I can't post the build on my free web site as it doesn't allow
too big downloads.

Please let me know if there are any requests and I can see what can I do to
post it somewhere...


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