[PythonCE] WinCE testers for LuaX?

Asko Kauppi asko.kauppi at sci.fi
Tue Aug 24 12:59:51 CEST 2004

I wonder if some of you PythonCE people would like to help me test LuaX 
(http://luaforge.net/projects/luax) on WinCE.  I have it compiling 
(using eVC++ 4.0) but have no physical gadget to test against, neither 
does the emulator work on Mac Virtual PC.  So there's some challenges 
still, I'm sure. :)

If you're interested, have a look at this article:

	LuaX for PocketPC - Installation.pdf


Edelleenlähetetyn viestin alku:

> Lähettäjä: Asko Kauppi <asko.kauppi at sci.fi>
> Päiväys: 22. elokuuta 2004 18:45:21 GMT+03:00
> Vastaanottaja: Lua list <lua at bazar2.conectiva.com.br>
> Aihe: WinCE testers.. (still looking)
> I finally managed to get the remaining x86/emulator issues fixed, and 
> LuaX should now be testable on any WinCE 4.00 (or later?) platform.
> You'll need:
> 	- a PC :)
> 	- Microsoft's eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 sp4 (available free on their 
> website)
> 	- latest luax-base and luax-wincelibs packages from me
> 	- time, and a few gigabytes :)  no, kidding.. of disk space
> You'll get:
> 	- my thanks
> 	- glory *whoooo*
> 	- your name in the 'credits' ;)
> You can either run the software with the emulator, or on an iPaq or 
> other such gadget.
> .ak

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