[PythonCE] Shelve -- has anyone used it successfully?

Mark Doukidis mdoukidis at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 03:35:20 CET 2004

Hi Ron,

I am about to give up on using "shelve" about now.
My problem is that after a time I am getting a corrupted shelve.
It probably is my own doing :(

I cannot copy my XP generated shelve file to PocketPC because the
PythonCE build does not include all the db modules.

on XP i have one file generated, on CE I have 3 generated (.dat, .dir & .bak)

on the XP shelve I tried this:

>>> import whichdb
>>> whichdb.whichdb("c:/testshelve")

on the CE shelve I get an empty string returned.

So I figure if you want to use the same shelve across OSs you had
better use the CE
db (whatever that is).

I must look into this futher myself.

Hope this can give you a lead.


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