AW: [PythonCE] Shelve -- has anyone used it successfully?

Anne Wangnick anne.wangnick at
Wed Dec 8 19:42:52 CET 2004

I'm using dumbdbm, which comes in the Python CE distribution. It generates
.dat, .dir & .bak files. However, I'm not using it as a shelve, but rather
as a database. Actually, I'm generating the database on XP and then using it
on CE.

I believe that as dumbdbm is the only database module available on CE, will always fall back on it on CE.

Can you try to use shelve.Shelf(,'c')) on XP to create
the shelve and on CE to retrieve it?

Sebastian Wangnick

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Hi Ron,

I am about to give up on using "shelve" about now.
My problem is that after a time I am getting a corrupted shelve.
It probably is my own doing :(

I cannot copy my XP generated shelve file to PocketPC because the
PythonCE build does not include all the db modules.

on XP i have one file generated, on CE I have 3 generated (.dat, .dir &

on the XP shelve I tried this:

>>> import whichdb
>>> whichdb.whichdb("c:/testshelve")

on the CE shelve I get an empty string returned.

So I figure if you want to use the same shelve across OSs you had
better use the CE
db (whatever that is).

I must look into this futher myself.

Hope this can give you a lead.


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