[PythonCE] Command line options and running without the shell

Richard Deeley r_deeley at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 16:49:46 EST 2004

wrt mail posted below, maybe this addresses it:

'exec' and '-c' are common enough in UNIX/C world. Python has
a very different notion of these (for exec anyway, I have yet 
to find any documentation on command line arguments). I suspect
the short answer to the issue raised in the prior mail below 
(admittedly from a while back) is don't use '-c' on the command 
line. What it does is very python specific and it DOESN'T run
scripts or programs.

Anyway, I ran into the same problem when I was trying to find a
way to run a python script WITHOUT the shell. Or at least, closing 
it after the script completes. At the time '-c' seemed a reasonable
bet. I was wrong.

In looking through the pcceshell , there doesn't seem to
be an option to turn bInteract off. It starts off as 0, but as
soon as you get to run anything, it becomes a 1. You can set it
to a 1 using -i, but I don't see a way to unset it and run a
program. I can understand why it is done this way, but it wasn't
what I wanted.

OK, so I modified this and I now have a python script running
without leaving a shell window running. The next part is how to make 
the output appear on the terminal I am using. So I nuked the bits that 
set sys.stdout to the shell.

OK. That works. I got output from my program to go to the terminal
and the shell now closes immediately the program is done.

Now, did I just duplicate efforts already done and/or miss a
step somewhere ? (wouldn't be the first time, alas)
Or is there another way entirely of doing all this that doesn't 
require tweaking pcceshell ? I am assuming that pcceshell is 
embedded into the program that starts this stuff up. Although
I haven't actually looked into that.

As to revisions etc, Loaded the latest cab's from murk area as
of yesterday and its an IPAQ 2215. 

btw: pythonce is a really cool product. 
(Wonder if PIL will run there ?. May give it a try if I have
some time to port my other stuff)


> Sorry I have taken so long to respond but I have done a number of installed
> and tried other things to get this to work. No luck yet. The following is
> an example of what I type in and the results:
>   >>> My Documents\pyscripts\testpython.py
>  Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "<string>:,line 1
>       My Documents\pyscripts\testpython.py
>              ^
>  SyntaxError:invalid syntax
> >>>>

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