[PythonCE] New release (2.3.4)

Isr Gish isrgish at fastem.com
Wed Jul 7 07:29:09 CEST 2004

Thanks David for the imediate reply, and for all the work that your doing.
(see below)

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   >> 4) There are also other changes that people made to the previous releases.
   >>    My question is if there is any way to incorporate them.
   >>    For example the exec* functions hadn't worked, Telion made a module
   >>    osce that made some work. (there were others also).
   >If these were external modules (i.e. they are .pyd or .dll files) then we should
   >be able to easily incorporate them.

The files are .py or .pyc files. What I mean to say is that it may be appropeate to incorperate them into the CVS or something. (I don't realy know these type of things. My only programing experiance is in a program called PocketC and know in Python.)
I can e-mail to you the ffile  that I have if you are intrested.


All the best,

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