[PythonCE] New release (2.3.4)

Isr Gish isrgish at fastem.com
Thu Jul 8 04:17:38 CEST 2004

Hi David,

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   >> 2) There seems to be a problem in the error reports of the traceback for I/O
   >> (files) and Windows (when using the _winreg module) errors. For example if I
   >> try to open a file for reading that doesn't exist I get this error:
   >> IOError: [Errno 7] T: <file path>
   >> The "T" is not very informative.
   >> Similar  thing is with the WindowsError.
   >This is because there is no sys_errlist[] in the Python "C" runtime.  I will
   >see what I can do to emulate this.

In Brad Clement's 2.2 release the errors where reported correctly. (I thought this may help you.) 


Another thing, I see that there are 2 sets of Tkinter & Tkconstants files. One in the regular dist. and one in the Tk part of the dist.. They seem to be different files because they have different amount of bytes. Which should I use and hat's the difference.

all the best,

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