[PythonCE] Running scripts by double clicking

Ryan Northey ryan at ape-x.net
Thu Jul 8 09:56:47 CEST 2004


> I'm having problems running a script by double clicking I get a message, ImportError: No module named \My Documents\Python\<filename>
> This problem started with Version 2.3.4
> Pwease help
> Isr

I got around this problem by having a file in pythonpath called
xFile.py, containing:

import sys

and then editing the registry entry \HKCR\PySource\Shell\Open\Command:

Default  : "\Program Files\Python\python.exe" xFile "%1" %*

I am trying to get twisted to run an xmlrpc server , but unfortunately
it cant import errno.EPREM. 

I can however now run an xmlrpc client - which is great - thanks for
putting the port together.

All help gratefully received in getting twisted to sing.


Ryan Northey <ryan at ape-x.net>

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