[PythonCE] Running scripts by double clicking

Voidspace mike at pcblokes.com
Tue Jul 13 13:35:41 CEST 2004

David L. Kashtan wrote:

>In order for this to work, there need to be specific entries in
>the Pocket PC registry.  I have written a Python script that does
>this.  Also had to fix a bug in _winreg.pyd and python.exe for
>everything to work.
>If you pick up the latest distribution from http://www.validus.com/~kashtan
>it will have the latest files in it.
>Using the Pocket PC file explorer, go to "\Program Files\Python\Lib" and
>double click the "Setup Registry" Python icon.  It will set things up so
>double-clicking ".py" or ".pyc" files will work.
>David Kashtan
>Validus Medical Systems
Hello David,

Has this been fixed for the PPC2002 distribution as well ?
If you see the previous email I've been having problems !!



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