[PythonCE] pcceshell with support for input() and raw_input()

Voidspace mike at pcblokes.com
Tue Jul 20 15:54:46 CEST 2004

Isr Gish wrote:

>I finally figured out that I need to also put the name of the file of pcceshell as the 2nd parameter. (was looking a little at the source code in python.c "don't understand much* but trried anyway".).
>Now I see that it gets imported, but it still closes down as soon as it finishes importing.
>Please help with this I realy need to be able to use input() and raw_input() funcs.
>Idealy it would be much better if we could have those funcs to work in the new shell.
>Thanks in addvance
>All the best,
I quite agree.
I got the new distribution working - I did have the first version of 
2.3.4 not the fixed one.. so redownloading it solved my problems.

*However* - the new funky version closes the shell down as soon as a 
program has exited... the Tkinter distribution is (IMHO) still 
experimental... so we don't have a way of pausing the output of a script 
and actually viewing the result..

There was a hack to add raw_input on the wiki.....................
It would be a *really* useful feature - user interaction on the pocketpc 
is basically impossible without it......



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>   >I was playing a little around with this, but I can't get it to work.
>   >This is what I tried:
>   >1) \shell, when I do this it starts up and closes down right away.
>   >
>   >2) /shell, with this it starts a regular version of python, but it seems without the old shell. Because I see that the input() and raw_input() functions still don't work.
>   >
>   >(I tried with and without quotation marks.)
>   >
>   >I didn't try to comment out anything yet. I wanted first to see if it works at all.
>   >
>   >All the best
>   >Isr
>   >
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>   >   >
>   >   >It should be possible to run that shell using the "/shell" command line option.
>   >   >The ONLY problem is that it is using the SIPINFO() stuff that is no longer in
>   >   >win32gui.  Could you try commenting that out and seeing if it works?
>   >   >David
>   >   >
>   >
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