[PythonCE] Should we setup a sourceforge site?

Brad Clements bkc at murkworks.com
Wed Jul 21 00:34:49 CEST 2004

On 21 Jul 2004 at 1:20, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:

> BC> Should we create a sourceforge project to hold binary and source
> releases?
>     I created an SF project with unix name 'pythonce' when it seemed
> that David Kashtan stopped working on the port and I wanted to take it
> over. If maintainers are interested in having exactly that unix name for
> project, I can happily pass it on. Only request I have is that myself was
> left as a developer for that project, as I'm using or going to use for some
> pythonce-related things (for example, right now, there's CVS repo for
> module to access native WinCE databases (so far with RAPI)). Also, I'm
> going to get eventually to building Python against GNUWINCE runtime library
> as a truly console app.

I think that would be great if you'd open up the pythonce project to current CE developers to 
host binaries and diffs/patches/source tree for the CE port of Python.

I'm in the middle of the sf application process and would be thrilled to "abandon the cart" 
since you've done all the work already

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