[PythonCE] Trying to use different os.py

Isr Gish isrgish at fastem.com
Mon Jul 26 21:29:36 CEST 2004

Hi David,

I'm still experiencing the same problem. That it imports the os from python23.zip even though I took out that file from my folder.

The reason I'm doing this is becouse the exec*  and system functions from the os module don't work on ce. Telion has made a patch for this in a module called osce. 

Maybe there is a different waybto get these functions to work.

All the best,

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   >Hi David,
   >My problem is that I took out the python23.zip file and instead put in thee .py files. I still get the same results. It seems that it's taking the os module (and some other ones) from a .zip file in the lib folder, but I have no idea from where. Since there is no .zip file in the folder.
   >I do remember seeing somewhere (maybe on your website) that if it doesn't find the basic modules it takes it from the .dll file. Maybe that's where its taking it from. But I'm still wondering why it doesn't take it from the Python\lib folder.
   >All the best,
   >P.S. Also there is no way to change the Path before Python starts (as far as I know) only in the pythonrc.py file which first gets imported after the basic modules like os and the others.
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   >   >Look at sys.path it will tell you the order in which it is trying
   >   >to find modules.
   >   >David
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