[PythonCE] XML-RPC on python pocket pc

Ryan Northey ryan at ape-x.net
Sun Jun 13 03:40:30 EDT 2004

Hi there,

Ive been trying to get python running on a ipaq 5450, running pocket pc

Ideally i would like to run twisted on it, but i would be happy for it
just run an xml-rpc server, or at least an xml-rpc client.

Initially i downloaded the version that is linked from python.org - at
murkworks.com. Using this i could get the interpeter to run. However, i
was not able to import SimpleXMLRPCServer, and when i tried to run
xmlrpc client, i got an import error for _socket.

Trying to run twisted also failed - i got either the importerror above,
or a nameerror because True/False were not defined.

So i then checked the version, and while sys.version reports 2.2+, sys.
version_info reports 2.3.0.

I then tried to use both the python2.3 from
http://fore.validus.com/~kashtan/, and the ones from

Both of these gave me 'Python is not a valid application'. With the
latter i was not sure where the executables etc were supposed to live,
so i experimented a little to no avail.

So i have a few questions:

- What python version is 2.2+?
- Is it possible to use 2.2+ for xml-rpc?
- If there are missing libs can i just fetch them from the 2.2 dist?
- How would i run a script?
- Where should i put the files in the 2.3 version?
- Are the 2.3 binaries known to work on the above spec?

Thanks in Advance,


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