[PythonCE] RE: Answers (?) to Some of Ryan's Questions...

Nemo bokkenka at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 14 15:15:21 EDT 2004

> Ive been trying to get python running on a ipaq 5450,
>  running pocketpc 4.20.1081.

> - Are the 2.3 binaries known to work on the above spec?

I have a 5550 that I've been trying off-and-on...  The interpretor
runs, but I'm not much farther than that.  I'm using 2.3 from...
...and "input() & raw_input() for PPC" from...

> - How would i run a script?

I tried once to associate .py and .pyc to Python, but didn't get
anywhere.  After reading all the doc pages on the 'net (maybe two),
I've finally stumbled upon the execfile() command.  From the
interpretor, I type in...

execfile('/storage card/python/scriptname.py')

...and it executes the script.  I just discovered this today, so I'm
not yet past the "hello world" phase.  I'm actually using a note with
my execfile commands, then copy/paste into the interpretor. 
[ctrl][x,c,v] actually works, which saves a ton of typing on the little


Nemo -- N'rn Wisconsin


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