[PythonCE] Python 2.3.4 regression tests

David L. Kashtan kashtan at Validus.Com
Tue Jun 29 01:41:23 EDT 2004

I have been working on getting all the Python 2.3.4 regression tests
running without making any changes to the tests.  Here is what
I have found so far (I'm about 1/2 way through the tests).  Later
this week (or early next week) I will post an update to the
Pocket PC Python 2.3.4 distribution with the fixes in it.  As you
can see, this is going along quite well.  


1) Need to setup test environment:
	1) Extract strings.pyc from .zip & put .zip at end of sys.path
	      This is because zipimport can't do reload()

	2) Substitute our own _get_original_stdout() in test.test_support
	   to deal with the PCCESHELL not being a real file.  This is
	   needed to correctly trigger a print recursion exception.

	3) Change platform name during test run from "PocketPC" to "wince".
	   test_dircache needs the platform to start with "win" to work.

2) Fixed floating point overflow detection

3) Fixed compilation of PC\WinCE\strftime.c to stop infinite recursion

4) Increased stack size to 0x48000

5) Define USE_RECURSION_LIMIT=3000 to force a reasonable recursion limit
   on the Pocket PC.  The Win32 trick of using alloca() to throw a stack
   allocation exception in order to detect stack overflow doesn't work.

6) Add remove() as synonym for unlink() in cemodule (for module os)

7) Implement more of working directory (convert relative paths to absolute paths)

8) Define strtol to be PyOS_strtol (for cPickle) so integer overflow is detected

9) The mktime() implementation was missing the conversion from localtime to GMT
   The ctime() implementation was missing the conversion from GMT to localtime
   The asctime() implementation had some formatting problems

10) Make __stdout__ and __stderr__ point to our output window.

11) Return an empty list when os.listdir() finds an empty directory
    (instead of an error)

Failed tests (still to be fixed)
test test_filecmp
test test_fileinput
test test_gettext
test_longexp crashed
test_minidom skipped -- No module named pyexpat

Failed tests (fixes deferred)

test__all__		- failed in tempfile.py no O_RDWR (because no os support for "os.open")
test_MimeWriter	- failed in tempfile.py no O_RDWR (because no os support for "os.open")
test_atexit		- no popen

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