[PythonCE] Call for maintainer

Brad Clements bkc at murkworks.com
Mon Mar 8 09:22:15 EST 2004

On 8 Mar 2004 at 14:46, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:

> Hello ,
>   Is there an active maintainer for Python WinCE port? Is there more
> recent "good" port than http://fore.validus.com/~kashtan ?
>   I'm hacking the mentioned port and would like to coordinate effort.

I believe kashtan made the last major push. I did some work on the 2.0 port and host 
the wiki. Unfortunately I just don't have any time to contribute. 

Telion was working on it and maintaining the wiki but he's disappeared.

I can host a subversion repository if that will be helpful, though ideally all changes 
would get checked into the Python core.

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