[PythonCE] RE: time functions in PythonCE

Voidspace mike at pcblokes.com
Mon May 10 03:32:39 EDT 2004


>   >Slightly different issue: Do you know where is the 'time' module ?
>   >(I wanted strftime, but couldn't find it anywhere, then I couldn't
>   >find time either, even though that works OK). It would be helpful
>   >to know this as there seem to be ways other than via Lib by which
>   >Python finds its modules.
>   >
>Actually the time module is a built-in module. There are alot of built-in modules in python, (I think that the specific ones depend in the person who compiled Python).
>I do remember having certain problems with the time module that not all the newer functions are there.
>To find the functions in a module you can use dir(...).
I've had this conversation before - *apparently* the time module is just 
a layer above the c library with all the functions. So the exact 
functions that are available depends on the C-library  for the 
underlying platform.

In our case the PocketPC C-library doesn't have the strftime 
function..... so it isn't available from PythonCE........

Oh well........




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