[PythonCE] Need Help Associating PY/PYC

Richard Deeley r_deeley at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 13:15:45 EDT 2004

I wasted a LOT of time trying to change the name of my
CF Card using a registry editor that LOOKED as though it
was doing the right thing. I can't say that this applies
in your case, but when I used installed and used PHMRegEdit, 
the problem was solved. 

The association I see in my PPC is for 

HKCR\Python script\shell\open\command
-> \windows\Start Menu\Py.exe "%1"


--- Nemo <bokkenka at yahoo.com> wrote:
> New to Pocket PC and PythonCE, and need some help associating PY/PYC
> files with the program.
> I have PocketTweak, and have them associated with [ "\Program
> Files\Python\Python.exe" "%1" ], but all it does when I click a script
> is open the Python interpreter.  I've tried a bunch of iterations
> with/without the quotes, but none work.
> What do I have wrong?
> Nemo -- N'rn Wisconsin
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