[PythonCE] Changing window options..

Patric Michael patric at usa.net
Fri Nov 12 05:35:04 CET 2004

> Patric Michae wrote:
>    >I downloaded and installed Telion's port as opposed to David
>    Kashtans >because I needed raw_input. > >Running it on my ipaq4150,
>    I discovered the interpreter window doesn't >resize itself so the
>    soft keyboard doesn't overlap.
> This sound interesting I don't remember having this problem when I
> used it. Just to confirm did you try opening and closing the sip? That
> usually helps to resize the window.

True, and I did try that a few times.    Mostly out of a sense of 
frustration. Laugh

> Also you may want to try a newer release that also supports raw_input.
> It can be found at: http://debris.demon.nl/PythonCE-2.3

Got it, thanks.  Unfortunately I ran into a bit of a snag with it as well.  
Something in the form of "SIPINFO() not defined."  if I recall correctly.

I found something in an old archive about that happening to someone 
else, and the solution was to use an older version of pcceshell.py or 
ceshell.py that didn't have the SIPINFO referenced.  Of course, that's 
exactly what I am after...

> There is one problem with this the python.exe file doesn't work. You
> probably could use the one from your current release. (because all it
> does is run the python DLL file). Or you can use the one I'm
> attaching.

I used both, actually.  Yours was less hassle.  :)

Thanks to you Isr, and to the others who responded so quickly.  
And I apologize for not replying sooner, but I was hoping to be able to 
solve the puzzle myself and I spent too much time poking around in 
various modules.  

Alas, I have reverted to the 2.2 version for now and will just have to 
deal with the menu bar my "fix" created.

At least I can resize the window and have a working interpreter, eh?

Take care...


> All the best,
> Isr

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