[PythonCE] newbee question: which IDE to use?

Voidspace mike at pcblokes.com
Fri Nov 12 17:29:02 CET 2004

Tillanosoft pocket notepad is a nice notepad - but it doesn't do 
indentation, which is a pain.

He also does a pocket emacs (?) port called Mg - but I've never known 
how to configure it to make it useable.



Isr Gish wrote:

>Gerhard Brauckmann"<gerhard at gbrauckmann.de>
>   >- Can someone recommend a IDE to start development and testing?
>I don't know of any IDE for CE, but you can use Pocket Word and save as txt file (but you would have to change the extension). Or you can use any txt editor. There are a few around for CE.
>   >- which databases are useable within the Windows CE environment?
>I'm not sure whtt you mean here, but there was a port of sqliite to the CE. You can try finding a post about it in the archives.
>All the best,
>   > 
>   >Thx for your help and time
>   >regards
>   >Gerhard
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