[PythonCE] Command Line

Patric Michael patric at usa.net
Fri Nov 12 17:33:03 CET 2004

I don't know the OS in your phone, but the solution for windows in my Ipaq was to create 
shortcuts to the scripts I wanted to run.

Its a single line of text like this:

#"\Program Files\Python\Lib\python.exe" "\My Documents\Pydocs\myscript.py"

You can create new shortcuts on your device with any text editor, but be sure the file you 
create is saved with the .lnk extension.  ( ell, enn, kay extension)

Also, one of the versions of pythonCE includes a small script to edit the registry to allow 
for tapping a script to run it.  

You can find a couple ports of that file here:


Good luck!


> I have  a hitachi G1000 pockect PC phone withDavid Kashtan's python
> 2.3.4 for pockect pc. I am able to run interactive mode code, but I do
> not know how to run a script. How does one run scripts and is there a
> command session that I need to call up. I do not know how to call up
> the command line. Thank for any help
> -- 
> G. Byron Brooks
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