AW: [PythonCE] newbee question: which IDE to use?

Gerhard Brauckmann gerhard at
Sat Nov 13 17:02:53 CET 2004

maybe is wasn't clear enough in my question.
What I'm searching for is an IDE on my XP machine to work with.

I found right now eclipse (IBM) wich does the job good.

and also the plugin for eclipse python:

this installation works perfect.

I'm still searching for the right MODULE to develop GUI's wich will work
on XP and on CE as well.

any idea?


On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, Gerhard Brauckmann wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm planning to write python programs for my Windows CE gadget. I have 
>a good background in C, Pascal, PHP, SQL, Perl.
>Now I'm searching for an IDE to start python programming by using 
>WIN-XP and also for my Dell Axim.
>- Can someone recommend a IDE to start development and testing?
>- which databases are useable within the Windows CE environment?
>Thx for your help and time

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