[PythonCE] newbee question: which IDE to use?

Daniel Nastase danielnastase at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 13 17:20:27 CET 2004

Unfortunately I don't have this setup on my Jornada anymore as I've gone for 
the real thing:  NetBSD, so I can't  test anything.
Where do you have the space problem ? when setting variables in the registry 
? or when trying to open a file from emacs ? or ... ?

Here's how the registry keys should look like (that's my last backup of the 

"UNIXROOTDIR"="/Storage Card"
"EMACSLOADPATH"="\\Storage Card\\emacs\\lisp;\\Storage 
Card\\emacs\\lisp\\emacs-lisp;\\Storage Card\\emacs\\lisp\\progmodes;"
"PATH"="\\storage card\\bin;\\Storage Card\\bin;\\Storage 
Card\\perl;\\Storage Card\\texmf\\bin"
"VIM"="\\Storage Card\\vim"
"HOME"="\\Storage Card\\daniel"
"EMACSDATA"="\\Storage Card\\emacs\\etc"
"EMACSDIR"="\\Storage Card\\emacs"
"EMACSDOC"="\\Storage Card\\emacs\\etc"
"EMACSPATH"="\\Storage Card\\emacs\\bin"
"X11DIR"="/Storage Card/usr/lib/X11"
"PERL5LIB"="\\Storage Card\\perl"
"APACHEDIR"="\\Storage Card\\apache"
"GPHOTODIR"="\\Storage Card\\gphoto"
"TERMCAP"="/Storage Card/etc/termcap"
"GCLDIR"="/Storage Card/gcl"
"SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH"="/Storage Card/scm/slib/"
"DICTIONARY"="/Storage Card/usr/lib/dict/german"
"MAXIMA_DIRECTORY"="/Storage Card/gcl"
"LAST_FONT_CREATED"="/Storage Card/texmf/fonts/pk\\cmr10.300pk"
"CAMLDIR"="/Storage Card/caml"
"TEXMFCNF"="\\Storage Card\\texmf\\cfg"
"PWD"="/Storage Card/"

Hope it helps you,

On Sat, 13 Nov 2004, dr mike wrote:

>I like the idea of using emacs as the editor for Python file creation,
>editing etc. So, I have downloaded and installed the emacs port files onto
>the SD card (\Storage Card) of my IPAQ 4150 (no CF card option on this
>model). I also installed the latest (2.13) build of the celib.dll to fix a
>problem with paths containing spaces (i.e. \Storage Card)and changed the
>speicherkarte references to Storage Card, suitably double quoted. However,
>it still won't handle the space in the path, looking for files in \Storage.
>Either I'm missing something, or you can't install on a SD card (or need a
>language where it has no space in its title).
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>There is an almost complete port of emacs on
>I have used it and it's awesome.
>And you can use it the same on both XP and WCE.
>On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, Gerhard Brauckmann wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >I'm planning to write python programs for my Windows CE gadget. I have
> >a good background in C, Pascal, PHP, SQL, Perl.
> >Now I'm searching for an IDE to start python programming by using
> >WIN-XP and also for my Dell Axim.
> >
> >- Can someone recommend a IDE to start development and testing?
> >- which databases are useable within the Windows CE environment?
> >
> >Thx for your help and time
> >regards
> >Gerhard
> >
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