[PythonCE] Command Line

Patric Michael patric at usa.net
Mon Nov 15 06:47:51 CET 2004

I ran across a similar situation and discovered the text would print to the 
interpreter window, then exit.

I believe that was the port (version 2.3.4)  which did not use the 
pcceshell script.


> I'm forwarding to the list so all can see and answer your questions.
> Please try to send to list in the future. Thanks
> See below.
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>      >Thanks for the information.
>    >I may have another problem. I installed python onto a CF data
>    disk. >The interpreter seems to work well.  I have associated .py
>    with the >program: python.exe >I ran a script that was to run a for
>    loop and print some text. >I doubled click the script and it seems
>    to load and I was left in the >interactive mode but did not see the
>    printed text. >Could this code be running and I simply do not see
>    the output? >When one runs a script that uses the print "XX" were
>    is the text displayed. >Thanks again for the help.
> You may want to check your code to make sure that the  for loop is
> being processed. it may help if you show the code. Otherwise I can see
> why it shouldn't print to the screen. You may also want to make sure
> that it didn't print it just before the interpreter started, you would
> then see the text on the first line of the window.
> All the best ,
> Isr
> P.S. Which version are you running.
>    >PS: My goal is to have a Python script running on my PDA
>    communicate >with a BASIC Stamp and drive a small robot. Quit a
>    task for a guy who >cant' print to the screen!! >Thanks again > >
>    >On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 11:25:46 -0500, Isr Gish <isrgish at fastem.com>
>    wrote: >> >> From: "Dr. Brooks"<dr.gbbrooks at gmail.com> >> >>   
>    >but I do >>    >not know how to run a script. How does one run
>    scripts >> >> If you associated .py a& .pyc files to python. Then
>    all you have to do is double click the file to run it. >> >> I
>    think that taere is some file to run in the download that
>    associates it for you. >> >>    >command session that I need to
>    call up. I do not know how to call up >>    >the command line. >>
>    >> You would need some program that gives you an opption like run
>    taat is found on a on a pc. >> T >> Ere are a few such programs. I
>    think that www.conduits.com has one. >> >> All the best, >> Isr >>
>    >> > > >-- >G. Byron Brooks EE MD >
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