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Wara Songkran paandev at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 18 06:41:03 CET 2004

I've post following message in python-win32 mailing list, but I think you guy may have some suggestion.
BTW. when I set xmlproc to support namespaces by calling
>>> parser.setFeature(sax.handler.feature_namespaces, 1)
>>> parser.setFeature(sax.handler.feature_namespace_prefixes, 1)
it raised exception saxlib.SAXNotSuportException : This feautre cannot be turned on with xmlproc
So I guess xmlproc doesn't support namepace_prefixes. Are there any parser that writen entirely in python and support namespaces.

Wara Songkran

Wara Songkran <paandev at yahoo.com> wrote:
Forgive my last post. the PyXML from http://debris.demon.nl/PythonCE-2.3 doesn't work. I can make parser by calling sax.make_parser() and it returned ExpatParser but when I call parser.parse("xxx.xml") the shell just terminated.
So I try agian, this time with PyXML 0.8.3 and I just copied it from my python's Lib directory on my PC. It's really work this time I can create parser and parse some xml files. The last PyXML(the woring one) return "xml.sax.driver2.drv_xmlproc.XmlprocDriver" instead of ExpatParser. Xml Gurus please enlight me what this mean.

Wara Songkran <paandev at yahoo.com> wrote:
I've just try PyXML from http://debris.demon.nl/PythonCE-2.3 and it's work. Any Idea why this happen. I also use PyXML on my Desktop PC but with standard xml package which come with python is also work. Why standard xml package on PythonCE does not work?

Wara Songkran <paandev at yahoo.com> wrote:
I'm using Python-2.3.4-arm-PPC2003. When I try to use sax the shell said
>>> from xml import sax
>>> parser = sax.make_parser()
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "binaries\lib\xml\sax\__init__.py", line 93, in make_parser
SAXReaderNotAvaiable: No parsers found
I guess beacause it need expat parser library which is a native dll to run.
Please help.

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