[PythonCE] Possible to read/write from the Bluetooth virtual com port?

Trond A Myklebust tamyk at online.no
Thu Nov 25 10:00:51 CET 2004

I am not sure if it is correct, but in the pywin32 package, it is
mentioned that win32file is also possible to compile for Windows
CE....been trying to compile it using evc4.0, but getting a lot of

Suppose there is a reason it is almost impossible to find anything on
the net regarding this...

On Thu, 2004-11-25 at 02:03, Ajay wrote:
> i haven't heard of any work in this area, i used WiFi for a project where i
> would have preferred to use bluetooth.
> but if you do hear of some work, please do post on this list.
> thanks
> cheers
> Quoting Trond A Myklebust <tamyk at online.no>:
> > Currently testing out some stuff for a planned Python client program on
> > a Pocket Pc, made a program using WLAN to communicate between server and
> > client, which is working fine. But since win32con and win32file is not
> > available together with the Python distribution from kashtan, I am a
> > little unsure how to proceed to gain access to the COM ports used by
> > Bluetooth. Anyone done any work regarding this?
> >
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