[PythonCE] SQLite for PythonCE

Oskar Swida swida at aragorn.pb.bialystok.pl
Wed Sep 1 18:38:29 CEST 2004

First of all thanks for your great work and bringing Python to WINCE!
And my message:
 Using source tree from David Kashtan page, I've managed to compile PySQLite
module for PythonCE. I've run some simply tests and it seems it is working,
but anyone interested - please check it.
Precompiled binaries are available at:

Instalation notes:
1)   Copy "sqlite" directory and "_sqlite.pyd" into your Python\Lib folder
2) copy "sqlite_dll.dll" to Windows directory
3) Enjoy.

                    best regards,
                        Oskar Swida

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