[PythonCE] wxPython for CE

danny staple orionrobots at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 13:56:18 CEST 2005

I am most definately interested. I tried to get this to run some time
ago, and my PocketPC just didnt seem to have the memory to cope with
it - so I would love to try it again. And yes - I do agree Windows CE
has a retarded memory architecture. While I appretiate the raw
processing power I have in my PDA rivals a 5 year old desktop, the OS
on these things is really backwards - i hate it, but then bear in mind
it was designed for storing phone numbers...

I really appretiate the opportunity to use Python to get some
interesting stuff running on it. My fear now is that one python and wx
are loaded - it does not leave alot of memory for the apps to run in
it.  I have been working on a rather complex multi-platform python
app, which I would like to see running on my PocketPC.

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On 4/22/05, Brian Retford <brian at cococorp.com> wrote:
> It's that time again - I've made a lot of progress on reducing the
> footprint of my wxPython CE port, I'm working on getting the source
> code integrated to the mainline, here's an x-post from the wxPython dev
> list - any interest?
> Some people may remember this from many months ago, but I've ported
> wxPython to WinCE and we've been using it very successfully for a
> couple of months. There have been a lot of challenges that have come
> up. I'd like to get all of my changes into some form that would be
> useful to the community (right now it is not much more than a large
> collection of hacks). What would the best way to do this be? Some of my
> concerns:
> WinCE has a retarded memory architecture:
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/
> dncenet/html/advmemmgmt.asp
> It wastes approx. 32kb of a 32mb virtual address space per dll loaded.
> Because of this and obvious memory concerns, I collapsed my wxPython
> back into one module, _core.pyd. The changes necessary to do so were
> not too hard and I think they could be integrated into the mainline
> (-monolithic or something).
> I have a verison of setup.h from wxwidgets that strips out a ton of
> stuff (each user might want a different set) so I modified the .i's to
> have #if's for most of wxwidgets features - is this something you
> (Robin) would be interested in integrating?
> Distutils - I have a totally hacked copy of distutils to support eVC
> instead of MSW, I'd need to get this in some better form and then?
> redistribute with wxpy? not sure here...
> I also have some binaries I'd be happy to release, but some people
> might find them lacking (no jpeg support (only png), missing lots of
> advanced wx controls (no wx html, etc)). If there's interest I'll
> gladly put it up somewhere. It's similar to what I released many months
> ago, but much reduced in footprint.
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