[PythonCE] PythonCE, pocketpc and UNICODE

Salvatore Russo salvatore.russo at laposte.net
Mon Aug 8 15:46:58 CEST 2005

I am using PythonCE embedded in a C/C++ code to port an open source application for my pocketpc. All documentation I read about “porting and application to pocketpc” said that we have to convert the application in Unicode, with wchat’t and L”blabla” instead of char and “blabla” (and all associated string functions str*).
But I am a little confused because lot of programs for pocketpc uses also char. And all include files for python are specified with char strings.
For pythonCE, do I have to use the same /include/ as python 2.3.4? Because these includes are not for Unicode.
Am I really obliged to convert all the application in UNICODE to make it work for pocketpc? If yes, EACH time that I want to use a pythonCE function in my C code, I need to convert my variables in ascii to passé them to pythonCE and then again in Unicode to use them in my pocketpc working in Unicode?? That’s what I wanted to do but it will be a huge work and I wanted first to ask your expert opinion before making such thinks :=) Maybe there is a better solution
Thanks a lot for your help,

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