[PythonCE] PythonCE on the ARM emulator

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Wed Dec 21 16:33:45 CET 2005

"Luke Dunstan" <coder_infidel at hotmail.com> writes:

>>> I have tried the simple solution of disabling the version check and I
>>> was able to install and run the ctypes unittests on the ARM emulator.
>>> Thomas: I can give you the build of Python that I used, if you want.
>> That would be great, although I really should be able to compile (and
>> debug!) this myself.  If I do this, I would want to quickly move from
>> Python 2.3.4 to 2.4.2.  Or is there any reason not to try this, on CE?
>> Thomas
> Unfortunately I don't have an appropriate place my Python builds, so
> could you suggest somewhere? Of course I eventually want it to become
> part of the PythonCE project, so perhaps the developers of that
> project would be kind enough to allow me to upload new builds, marked
> as "alpha" or "snapshots" for now?

If you want, I can add you as developer to the ctypes project.  Then you
can upload them to the ctypes files section (I assume these builds will
also be of interest to other people, and they are related to ctypes as
well).  If you agree, send me your SF username by private mail.

> I think moving to version 2.4.2 is a good idea but I doubt it will be
> trivial and I think it will distract from the current task verifying
> that my port of ctypes works as you expect. I think it is better to
> focus on the working version of Python we have at the moment and
> upgrade later. Is there any specific problem with using Python 2.3?

No, except that I want to use decorators, if at all possible. But this
can wait.


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