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> hello and greez for all listmembers,
> i'm new here and i have this maillinglist subricted to find out more
> about Python at PDA's.
> On PC i coding in Python and i like this language. Now i want write
> programms for my new
> PDA (FSC Loox N520) but i have some questions:
> 1) what python-version will work with my Windows Mobile 5.0?

I would suggest that you just download the latest one you can find and try 
it. An interesting list is at: http://www.traybor.com/PythonCE/

> 2) what are the fundamentaly differences between Python on Windows and PDA

Basically the differences are those that result from the differences between 
desktop Windows and Windows CE, for example, Windows CE does not have pipes 
so operating system functions like popen are not available. There are also 
some differences due to some modules not having been ported to Windows CE 
yet, e.g. pyexpat (at least in PythonCE 2.3.4).

> 3) what is the best solution for coding for PDA's (menas Editor and so on)

I think the best way to write PythonCE programs is to do it on desktop 
Windows, test them on the desktop and then transfer them to the PDA. If you 
need to write the code on the PDA then I don't know of any IDEs or 
particularly good text editors (because I haven't looked much) but I think 
there are quite a few text editors available.

> my last question is for this maillinglist:
> some maillinglists are also readable as news-group (for example:
> dzug.org) - is it for this
> maillinglist possible too? this can make the reading and writing over
> the mail-client more easier.

I don't know the answer to this question.


> thx and YES: i have not english as my motherlanguage *gg*
> torty
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