[PythonCE] Pyro on PythonCE

Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 28 04:05:11 CET 2005

You guys have already been tremendously helpful in my efforts to get up to 
speed on PythonCE, so I hope that you will bear with me on one more startup 
question.  I have now successfully gotten PythonCE 2.3.4 running on my Dell 
Axim x51v.  I also seem to have wxPython running.  Now I need to get Pyro 
running.  Pyro comes with a distutils setup script, so I need to run the 
command "python setup.py install".  The usual way to do that is with a 
command window.  As far as I can tell, Windows Mobile 5 does not come with a 
command window or a way to run a single command.  I went prowling on the web 
for a command window and found PocketConsole.  Unfortunately, it does not 
seem to work on Windows Mobile 5 (it claims compatibility with Pocket PC 
2002).  The only way I can think of to run the setup is by creating a batch 
file (or a Python script), but I think a command window will be useful.  Does 
anyone know of one that works on Windows Mobile 5?

Even if I am able to run the setup script, I wonder whether the installation 
will work because the file system hierarchy on winCE appears to be different.  
At a minimum, I will need to modify the script so that the test for platform 
treats 'Pocket PC' the same as 'win32'.
Jeffrey Barish

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