[PythonCE] IdleCE Feature Request

Michael Foord mike at pcblokes.com
Mon Feb 7 09:12:16 CET 2005

A couple of feature requests. The first of which isn't straightforward - 
but would be nice.

1) Get IdleCE to use the windows clipboard for cut/copy/past operations. 
At the moment it's not possible to copy and paste into IdleCE from other 
applications. This would mean finding the right function calls in the 
windows API I guess. Whilst we're on the subject ctrl- C, X, V, S key 
bindings would also be very nice.

2) Is there a maximum file size limit for IdleCE ? When attempting to 
edit a 46kb file yesterday, it would only seem to load the first couple 
of kilobytes ?



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