[PythonCE] IdleCE Feature Request

Michael Foord mike at pcblokes.com
Tue Feb 8 09:35:02 CET 2005

Ed Blake wrote:

>--- Michael Foord <mike at pcblokes.com> wrote:
>>A couple of feature requests. The first of which isn't straightforward - 
>>but would be nice.
>>1) Get IdleCE to use the windows clipboard for cut/copy/past operations. 
>>At the moment it's not possible to copy and paste into IdleCE from other 
>>applications. This would mean finding the right function calls in the 
>>windows API I guess. Whilst we're on the subject ctrl- C, X, V, S key 
>>bindings would also be very nice.
>>2) Is there a maximum file size limit for IdleCE ? When attempting to 
>>edit a 46kb file yesterday, it would only seem to load the first couple 
>>of kilobytes ?
>Okay, I'll answer the first question first.  To my knowledge IdleCE is using
>the system clipboard.  I have a number of influential Python texts stored on
>my SD card and I copy example code from IE to IdleCE to test it out. 
>Possibly the version of tcl/tk you are using is flawed/hacked/altered to
>change its behavior.  The version of PythonCE and Tk I am using were obtained
Sounds like the version of Tkinter I have is dodgy. I'll try downloading 
and re-installing.

My device is an ARM XDA with PPC2002.

I was surprised that my 46k file didn't open (46k is peanuts compared to 
the size of the libraries). I tried several times though and it always 
cut off at the same place... Bizarre. Particularly as to achieve that 
you would have had to *explicitly* limit file size (which I thought was 
unlikely !).

Anyway - I'm really pleased with IdleCE - it is much nicer to edit files 
with than Pocket Notepad !!

Many Thanks



>Also about ctrl-c/x/v/z... These also should work by default, but on my
>device (HP Ipaq PPC WinCE 2003) I cannot generate a ctrl-keysym event.  This
>is why I have added the highlight-click popup menu and the the double-tap to
>paste.  I assume since you are asking about the key combinations you are
>using an HPC, the only thing I can suggest is that you get my event-check
>script and try to setup your own event binding to do copy/paste/etc.  Just
>put self.bind('<mod-key>',self.copy/paste/etc.) in the __init__ of the
>SyntaxHighlightingText widget.  One of the future features I am planning is a
>visible clipboard with a memory, this also may solve some of your problems/my
>On the second topic I have wondered myself what the file size limits are. 
>Python takes a largish amount of memory to run, and with a Tkinter app
>running you also have tcl/tk and the Tkinter modules loaded into memory.  Now
>if you have several other applications running as well you may be nearing the
>limits of your availible memory.  Also I did not use any memory safe
>operations in opening files, I just open()ed then readlines() into a
>variable.  I should probably change it to readline()...  There changed, now
>it uses iteration to get the lines in the file.  So far the largest file I've
>opened is IdleCE itself (~26k)  I would be interested to hear the size of the
>largest file others had successfully edited.
>Anyway if I have time I will play around with the editing stuff and testing
>file capabilities, but their is so much to do.  Anyway thanks for the feed
>back and  feel free to get in there and play around with the code.  Alot of
>stuff I did the easiest/fastest way I could think of so there are plenty of
>things to improve.  I think most of the code is fairly straight forward, the
>only hairy parts is the colorizer and where stuff is hacked to pass
>selections between the popup menu and subsequent functions.
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