[PythonCE] Newbie questions

Francesco Bochicchio bockman at virgilio.it
Sat Jan 8 15:13:33 CET 2005

Hi all,

I just got an HP Ipaq rx1710 (WinMobile 2003) and I had already installed
PythonCE 2.2 (the HPC CAB) on it. I'm planning to have fun 
writing some nice little program for my new toy (actually, I would like
to write some game, but I will start smaller).

I'v googled around for info in python in this platform but
I still have some doubts:

- Is 2.2 the latest python version available for Win[CE/Mobile]?
- Where I can find small programs in pythonCE? (I know python
  quite well, but not much of win32 modules, which I gathered are
  the best (only?) choice to interact with the handheld

Also, I would appreciate answers to a couple of non-python

- What is the difference between PPC and HPC? (The terms
  are widely used in the PythonCE wiki, but I could not find any
- Is there any other free cross-development tool for my handheld
  (I'm specially interested in C/C++ cross-compilers).

Thanks in advance for any answer



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