[PythonCE] Re: PythonCE Digest, Vol 18, Issue 7

Stewart Midwinter stewart.midwinter at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 01:01:53 CET 2005

> From: anne.wangnick at t-online.de (Anne Wangnick)
> Subject: AW: [PythonCE] Support for VGA PDA's

> attached python.exe as of Python-2.3.4-arm-PPC2003.zip from
> http://fore.validus.com/~kashtan/, modified (special resource HI_RES_AWARE
> introduced as described on http://wiki.tcl.tk/10103) to support full VGA
> resolution.

err, thanks, Sebastian!   that works great on my VGA screen.  By
including your earlier posting on this topic, you're also providing a
gentle reminder to RTFM, or the list archives, as the case may be.

Stewart Midwinter
stewart at midwinter.ca
stewart.midwinter at gmail.com

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