[PythonCE] Cannot load wxpyce dll due to insufficient memory

Stewart Midwinter stewart.midwinter at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 21:12:35 CET 2005

I just rechecked and I now have 20 MB free for programs. You'd think
that would be enough!

When I shift the slider over so that more space is allocated for
programs, say 30 MB, I notice that after a few seconds the slider
shifts back. There doesn't seem to be a way for the user to set this
manually and have it stick.

Be that as it may, your other comment was most helpful:

On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 14:43:02 -0500, Brad Clements <bkc at murkworks.com> wrote:
> Sometimes I think some other errors loading a DLL will get labelled as "out of memory"
> error, even when it's not an out of memory condition.

In the sample.py app, I commented out the "import traceback" line, and
the app worked!  Good to know that wxPython can be used on this

I was also able to run the colourchooser.py app, though it was
designed for a larger screen size. However, clearly more work is
needed with the wxpyce package.

 Many other apps would not work unless I inserted a
sys.path.append('\\Program Files\\python\\lib') so they could find the
wx folder. Some apps, like the analogclocks.py, appear to have bugs in
them and don't run properly, at least on my device.

Getting Tkinter apps to run seems a lot less problematic, by comparison. 

Stewart Midwinter
stewart at midwinter.ca
stewart.midwinter at gmail.com

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