[PythonCE] Re: Smartphone 2003

Alexey Pechonkin apech at front.ru
Sat Jan 22 23:22:21 CET 2005

stuffduff <stuffduff <at> cox.net> writes:  
> I also need an interactive shell to provide a standard command line python  
> prompt.  
> I did a search on 'SipGetInfo' failed and found:  
> http://www.murkworks.com/Research/Python/PythonCE/PythonCEWiki/uploads/pcces  
> hell.py.ppc_with_input.txt  
> Has anybody tried it?  How do I use it?  
I've just commented out all references to SIP functions and it works OK on my  
MPx200. I set the dimensions of main shell window to CW_USEDEFAULT. I can't  
make left/right softbuttons work though, maybe due to lack of experience in  
WinCE programming.  
BTW, anyone knows where to get wxPython source for CE, I'd like to port it to  
Smartphone if nobody has done it till now.  

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